Alabama Academy of Radiology - Political Action Committee

The Alabama Academy of Radiology has created a political action committee for the purpose of funding candidates for state and federal public office who support the interests of radiologists and the profession of radiology.

Bylaws of the ALRAD PAC
Statement of Organization
Solicitation Form
Bank Draft Form
Payroll Deduction Form
Payroll Deduction Instructions

Chairman John T. Renz, M.D
Secretary Arthur Sandy, M.D.
Treasurer Mark LeQuire, M.D.
Asst. Treasurer Jimmy Morros, M.D.

Board of Trustees
Demetrius Morros, MD
Michael DeVenney, MD
Jason Bearden, MD
John Renz, MD,
Mark LeQuire, MD
Alex Johnson, MD
Bibb Allen, MD
Art Sandy, MD
Ray Armstrong, MD