Radiologists in Training General Information

The AAR considers the Residents and Fellows in the various training programs around the state of Alabama to be a vital part of its organization. Accordingly, we have made it a primary goal to promote their involvement in our organization through the following initiatives:

  • Complimentary membership in the AAR
  • Formation of the Radiologists in Training Section of the AAR
  • Radiologists in Training Committee of the AAR chaired by Dr. Ruth Snow with the sole purpose of promoting resident and fellow involvement in the AAR and the ACR
  • AAR underwrites the costs of resident's membership dues in the Medical Association of The State of Alabama
  • Free attendance to all AAR sponsored meetings
  • Selection of one resident or fellow from each training programs each year to serve as a Representative to the AAR
  • The opportunity for each AAR Representative to serve at the ACR Annual Meeting with the AAR providing a travel stipend as well as an invitation to attend the AAR Councilors and Fellows Dinner held each year during the ACR Annual Meeting
  • The Alabama Academy of Radiology Robert Stanley MD Annual Award for Outstanding Resident or Fellow Research
  • AAR provides a stipend and travel costs for Residents and Fellows making presentations at AAR meetings
  • Periodic presentations by AAR Board members to the training programs
  • Mentoring of Residents and Fellows by members of the AAR
  • The opportunity to meet with peers from around the state

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

For more information or questions contact the AAR.

– John T. Renz, M.D.

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Report from the Chair of the Radiologists In Training Committee

snowThe Alabama Academy of Radiology has made a significant commitment to resident and fellow involvement over the years and hopes to see continued growth of member-in-training involvement in the future. In particular, the AAR has a strong interest in forming a Resident and Fellow Section of the organization over the next several years. This has already been done with great success in many state chapters around the country. Early involvement of radiologists in training in the AAR and ACR is good for our specialty. This could provide an excellent opportunity for residents to gain additional exposure to the practice of radiology and to network with their peers around the state.

The Alabama Academy of Radiology and the American College of Radiology cover the expenses of sending a member-in-training from each of the three Radiology Residency Programs in the state as representatives of AAR to the ACR Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) meeting, held in conjunction with the ACR Annual Meeting. This has proved beneficial to not only the AAR, but also to the radiology residents of the state of Alabama. Radiologists-in-training who have attended the ACR RFS meeting experienced their first insights into the decision-making processes that affect their future radiology practice, and were excited to have the opportunity to have a voice in the ACR Council impacting these decisions.

The following are ways in which the Alabama Academy of Radiology supports residents and fellows around the state of Alabama: membership in the AAR and attendance to its meetings free of charge, under-writing the residents’ and fellows’ dues in the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, providing the opportunity for residents and fellows to present research or talks on clinical topics at AAR meetings, mentoring residents, funding the costs for selected outstanding residents to attend the annual meeting of the American College of Radiology, and an invitation to the annual AAR Councilors’ dinner at the ACR annual meeting. The AAR is committed to this effort because we believe that residents and fellows are the future of our profession and that young, energetic leaders will be vital to the success of our specialty.

– Ruth Snow, M.D.
Chair, Radiologists in Training Committee

AAR Resident and Fellow Representatives

Thomas Nelson, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dhanya Anand, MD
University of South Alabama

Van Carroll, MD
Baptist Health System

 AAR Outstanding Resident/Fellows Award

This award was developed by the AAR to recognize the outstanding achievements of Resident and Fellow members of the AAR. Candidates for this award should have made substantial efforts on behalf of the AAR and ACR. Examples of activities that would be considered in qualifying for this award would include but are not limited to the following: Founder and or significant leadership position in the AAR Resident and Fellow Section, Leadership positions in the ACR Resident and Fellows Section, ACR J.T. Rutherford Government Relations Fellowship, ACR Moorefield Economics and Health Policy Fellowship, ACR Resident and Fellow presentations at AAR Meetings, and AAR Robert Stanley MD Outstanding Resident/Fellows Research Award winners. The award will be presented from time to time, with not more than one winner per year.



2017 Recipient
Desmin Milner, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham





Outstanding Fellow Award to Dr Ryan Telford by Dr Devenny2016 Recipient
Ryan Telford, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham






383637 david applicant picture 003 original2015 Recipient
David Shulman, MD
Baptist Health Systems






Broberts2012 Recipient
Brett Roberts, MD,
University of Alabama at Birmingham




hart rogers2006 Recipient
Hart Rogers, MD,
University of Alabama at Birmingham





jason beardon2005 Recipient
Jason Bearden, MD
Baptist Health Systems





The Alabama Academy of Radiology Robert Stanley MD Annual Award for Outstanding Resident or Fellow Research

The concept for this award was inspired by the Radiologists in Training Committee and approved unanimously by the AAR Executive Committee in 2005. This will be an annual award with the inaugural award slated in 2006 and to be presented at the Annual AAR Meeting in the spring of 2007. The winner of the award will be recognized by the AAR at its Annual meeting, and provided with a certificate of Merit and a monetary prize. The award is named in honor of Robert Stanley, MD in recognition of his lifetime commitment to radiology education and research.


2017 Recipient
Sam Galgano, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham





Robert Stanley Award to Dr Jessica Millsap by Dr Snow

2016 Recipient
Jessica Milsap, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham





Robert Stanley Award to Dr Beth Vettiyil by Dr Snow

2016 Recipient
Beth Vettiyil, MD
University of South Alabama






np2015 Recipient
Dhanya Anand, MD
University of South Alabama





Stanley award.Manny Patel222014 Recipient
Manny Patel, MD,





patel2011 Recipient
Bhavik Patel, MD






crowder2007 Recipient
Jason Crowder, MD
University of South Alabama